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New, globally unique, interactive method of teaching music
The music for one of the largest and most beautiful area of our lives, but the complexity of the large majority of children and adults are excluded from the amazing achievement to understand the music, and it can also produce. Reason why it was a method which makes it simplicity and practicality makes it understandable and special experience for everyone in the music. This educational program is unique in the world and provide new opportunities for educators, parents and children.


with a color-shape-number coded sign system..

Students learn the instrument play fast and efficiently so the music play will be intensive achievement.

Education from 3 years ages!

For pre school students, school students and adults.


This new sign-system decodes all existing music-teaching methods,
including the Kodály method, the Orff approach and all coherences in music theory that have emerged during the development of music. Therefore, the complex system of music theory can easily be understood by everyone. Using the sheet music pictures, sheet music reading, music theory and instrumental teaching can be started at the age of 3.