For music preschoolers - PLAYFULLY!

In the BAccordLOGic©  music instruction program the children learn the music simply, with tales, games, colours, numbers, forms. 
The simplicity of the method and a logician's construction provide big help for adults in the music learning. 
Blind children, concentrating the colours onto the touch and substitutes the colours with An earthly, aquatic and flying animals. I would like to present a music instruction that is an achievement oriented. It is possible to communicate with the students with this sign system, very easily. It is learned quickly and simply, that what and how they have to play at musical instrument.
BAccordLOGic© music instruction program achievement oriented accomplishes music instruction.
His enormous benefit opposite the traditional music instruction methods it, that can introduce the alredy 3-4 aged  children into the instrumental music training.

We project the piano keyboard together with the signs, or we display it on an interactive board. We present the songs to our student on the projected piano, how it is necessary to play it. What kind of sounds there are in the song, and what kind of signs they have to pay attention to.
After than we play the songs together with our students. We show  on the board and they play on the synthesiser. They learn and after they play the songs with a musical accompaniment. They can practise and learn the exact rythm with this method.