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Színes Gitárovi

Akciós ár: 2.700Ft.

A színes Gitárovi ajánlott a legkisebbeknek, illetve mindazoknak is, akik most kezdik el a gitártanulást. A BAccordLOGic© zeneoktatási program jelrendszere lehetőséget ad arra, hogy már 2-3 éves kortól el tudják kezdeni a gyerekek a gitártanulás alapjait, de a jelrendszer segít azoknak is, akik iskolás, vagy felnőtt korban kezdik el a gitártanulás első lépéseit. Ebben a füzetben 54 óvodás dal van, ami a törzshangokon több hangnemben is gyakoroltatja a különböző hangnemekben való játékot. A dalok ismert zenék: Mondókák, – amelyekhez egyszerű dallamok lettek írva – gyermekdalok és télapós dalok. A dalok által egyszerűen meg lehet tanulni a zenei játék illetve a zeneelmélet alapjait.


3.100 Ft

Színes karácsony

Coloured Christmas

New, extended expense!
Coloured Christmas named  our sheet music notebook character sheet musics
the lecture of the Christmas carols is made exceptionally plain
BAccordLOGic© with a sign system sticker
 on a synthesiser on a piano.
In the sheet music notebook character songs are about the winter, the Father Christmas and the Christmas.
The sheet music notebook 30 imply a well-known song.
Novelty, that beside the song with 19 Hungarian languages 11 songs with an English language got involved into the notebook.


3.100 Ft

Színes Zeneovi Haladóknak

Akciós ár: 2.700Ft.

A Színes Zeneovi Haladóknak az 5-7 éves korú óvodás és kisiskolás gyermekeknek ajánlott. A kottás füzet 35 ismert óvodás, iskolás dalt és néhány megzenésített mondókát tartalmaz. A kotta könnyen olvasható. A kottafejek ebben a füzetben a színeket és a számokat tartalmazzák, valamint a szolmizációs jeleket is. A kottafüzetben az ujjrendek is jelölve vannak. A dalokon kersztül több hangnemmel is megismerkednek a gyerekek. A füzet megismerteti a gyerekekkel az egyvonalas c-től a kétvonalas d-ig a törzshangokat, a „fehér billentyűzetet”. A dalok által egyszerűen meg lehet tanulni a zenei játékot, illetve a zeneelmélet alapjait is.

Ovis matricakészletet tartalmaz!


3.100 Ft

A Csodálatos Zeneerdő Titka

Secret of the wonderful music forest

The secret of the wonderful music forest title the fundamental components of the music reveal themselves to you hidden into a cute tale in a book, where the forest is kind little one in the course of an adventurous travel inhabitant the rhythms, sounds, melodies help you to find one's way, in the world of scales and chords.With the help of BAccordLOGic© method this will be a wonderful experience for you!

The book recommended kindergartener for children and their parents, and for pupils and starting adults.

New, expense reshaped demanding, with coloured illustrations, domino and ABC+numbers BAccordLOGic© supply with sticker.

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3.890 Ft

BAccordLOGic© Coordinator

BAccordLOGic© Coordinator is a superb device. All of the intervals, major and a harmonious scale minor and the common chords has it practised. It is possible to shuffle developed figures on the piano keyboard to the musical theory and shows all of the requested intervals, a scale, a common chord solmizatio together. It implies the keys and the advance bookings yet.

1.100 Ft

Öntapadós matrica ovisoknak

Domino illustrious BAccordLOGic© sticker onto 1 octave.

For pre school aged children

600 Ft

Színes Zeneovi

Coloured Kindergarten (Pre-School)

The coloured music kindy for 3-6 year children recommended. The sheet music notebook 49 known children songs, some Father Christmas songs , Christmas and mothers imply a daily song. The sheet music easily readable, because from 1 coloured notes sketched with domino signs until 4 depict the sounds and was written in a row. In the songs the solmization and the fingering is marked. The songs are edited in more keys, the one-line one acquaints the willow with the children from C to the two line D the tribe sounds, the „white keyboard”.

Include pre-school sticker!


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3.100 Ft

Színes Zenesuli 1.

Coloured Music School 1.

Coloured Music School for 6-8 year children and starting adults recommended. The sheet music picture here already it five was written in a line system. The notes colours, numbers and the alphabet names are implied. The notebook 90 imply a song solmization, with fingering. children's can practised on 12 keyboard, they learn to find their way in all major keys quasi so.

Include school sticker!


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3.190 Ft

Színes Zenesuli 2.

Coloured Music School 2.

The coloured music school 2. 8-9 year ones for children and intermediate adults recommended. The alphabet sounds were written only in the coloured notes already here in and the gravitational level of the songs intensifies continuously. Beside the children songs folksongs and a known classic and traditional musics join in this volume yet.


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3.190 Ft

Színes Zenesuli 3.

Coloured Music School 3.A coloured music school the 3 for 10-14 year children and adults recommended. We find well-known musics in this volume. Can be found in him the hit, rock, musical, known classic and traditional musics.

3.390 Ft

Színes Zenesuli 4.

Coloured Music School 4.The Coloured music school the 4 for 13-18 year children and adults recommended. We find well-known musics in this volume likewise. Here already higher-level instrumental knowledge necessary than at the previous volume.

3.390 Ft

Színes Zenevilág, alapfok

Coloured Music World Basics

Coloured Music World, the musical theory rudimentary knowledges teaches it logically. For recommended small ones and for big ones. An example: the common chords, if we base it on 12 keyboards, then 144 sounds is needed to theorize. It is possible to learn these with 4 models in this notebook. Teaches the willow and he has the sounds, basis rhythms, beat indicators practised, intervals, scales, common chords, keys, advance bookings.


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3.100 Ft

Öntapadós matrica iskolásoknak

Alphabet number illustrious BAccordLOGic© sticker supply.

For pupils and adults.

700 Ft