BAccordLOGic© sheet music

The special sheet music depiction already enable for kindergartener age and specific children with an educational claim makes the music reading and the sheet music picture the one which can be taken for instrumental sounding.


The signs, the sheet music pictures conform to the children's development, and it makes them reach the stage of the well-known sheet music form finally, but the children enjoy the music during learning all the time while this process is going on. 

Sheet music for 5-6 years old children:

When the children learn the numbers, then from the next sheet music they play music. In this sheet music the sounds ABC-s  names appear. When the children learn to read, then we teach the music reading with ABC-s  names. This is the 6-7 years  sheet music. The game of the left hand the accompaniment which can be found above the melody, which may be a unison bass,, but a chord may be an accompa.

Basic and medium advanced sheet music for 8-9 years children and adults: